Alvares Guest House

Located off Holiday Street, Calangute

Best time to travel

When is the best time to visit.

The holiday season in Goa runs from late October to the end of April, during this period the weather is predominatly sunny with highs of 35c, nighttime temperature rarely drop below 20c, outside of this period Goa has the monsoon period., this brings over 2 meters of rain in a period of about 2 months.

Alvares is closed during this wet season.

On the following map, Alvares Guest House is located just North of Holiday Street.

goa india

Getting to Goa

Travellers to Goa to stay at Alvares have 4 travel options (or maybe 5)

1,  Schedule flights from the UK using Qatar Airlines via its hub on Doha.

2.  Schedule flights from the UK using other carriers, these operate direct to Mumbai or possibly Delhi and then a futher flight on to Goa...Air India or Jet are becoming popular.

3.  Flight only deals from UK Charter companies ie TUI,  Thompson try companies like "Southall Travel" for a quote.

4.  Cheap holiday deals from the above using the flight but not the supplied accomodation

5. Travel by boat, this company is the best option

but probably outside most travellers budget and time scale.

The best option is 1. watch the Qatar site for special deals, be prepared to book asap, and book in advance by many months